CH1103 Garage Door Adjustable Top Roller Fixture Bracket in Galvanized Steel

CH1103 Garage Door Adjustable Top Roller Fixture Bracket in Galvanized Steel

Place of Origin: China
Model Number: CH1103
Material: Galvanized Steel
Package details: Cartons, Pallets,Wooden case
OEM/ODM Availability: Yes
Delivery Time: 25-30days after prepayment
Loading Port: Shanghai or Ningbo Port
Payment Terms: T/T,D/P,L/C, Credit card

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Sectional Garage door adjustable top roller Fixture bracket in galvanized steel
Manufacture Method: Punching,bending,Assemble
Use:It is used with 11mm diameter roller
Garage Door adjustable top roller fixture bracket,it is produced by galvanized steel,and it is used on the top of the door.
How to control the quality of the sectional garage door top roller bracket?We would choose the best steel material with good Physical Properties,and when we do the surface treatment of zinc plate, we would control the thickness of plating which would guarantee the garage door hinges would not rust easily,it is the most important for our products.
All our sectional garage door hardwares are manufactured in strict accordance with international standards, therefore, our products meet Chinese and international standards. The garage door hardware such as tracks and hinges are made of hot-dip galvanized steel produced by famous steel factory, It is rust-resistant, durable and beautiful.
All our garage door top roller bracket are processed according to strict procedures, so they have good precision and appearance to ensure the quiet, smooth and reliable operation of the garage door.
Besides,we could also prepare the residential door hardware kits according to your door size or any special requirements.

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