Types and characteristics of garage doors

Types and characteristics of garage doors

Types and characteristics of garage doors

1. Rolling shutter garage door:

The roller shutter is made of high-strength 6063T5 aluminum alloy double (single) extruded. 6063 is a universal alloy in the world and has a wide range of applications, especially in various construction industries. It is used to produce light components such as doors and windows, as well as sanitary and office appliances. Aluminum alloys starting with 6 indicate that magnesium and silicon are the main alloying elements, which have good corrosion resistance, strong welding performance, good cold working performance and moderate strength.

Types and characteristics of garage doors

Features of Rolling Shutter Garage Doors:

1. The thickness of the curtain sheet is double-layered 0.8mm-1.5mm, the maximum production height can reach 9m-14m (the curtain sheet model is from 60-120), the maximum production width is 4m-12m, and the wind resistance can reach the maximum level of 11.

2. Select the shaft with a diameter of 80mm-165mm and 6063T5 aluminum alloy guide rail with a diameter of 80-100mm.

3. Surface treatment process: electrostatic powder spraying, anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, easy to clean, long color durability, surface paint treatment, durable weather resistance, anti-sunshine, anti-rain, anti-corrosion, anti-scratch can rebound after a slight collision If it is damaged, it can be replaced by a single slat, and lighting profiles can be added between the slats to let your car bathe in sunlight.

4. A variety of installation methods are available, including exterior, interior, and mid-installation installations, which do not require high space and do not occupy the interior space of the overhead door. The installation is simple, the construction speed is fast, the construction period is saved, and the appearance is beautiful and stylish.

5. Safety protection device: Infrared radiation system and wireless remote control device can be additionally installed. Youtai rolling shutter garage door has self-developed automatic rolling shutter door anti-theft interlocking device. The overhead door body itself can realize anti-theft and safer.

6. The electric rolling shutter overhead door is driven by an AC tubular motor or an external motor, 220V or 110V, power saving, safe, silent, with thermal protection device, can be configured with UPS backup power supply or manual chain, to prevent the door in case of power failure The body can also be opened normally.

Types and characteristics of garage doors
Second, the flap garage door:

Features of flap garage doors:

1. The flap garage door is divided into automatic, semi-automatic and manual control. There are many types to choose from. It is very convenient to use. Just press the remote control, and the motor has its own automatic delay lighting.

2. The flap garage door has no relatively large noise, is more environmentally friendly, and has no toxic substances that are harmful to the human body.

3. If there is a power failure during use, there is an emergency emergency lock inside, which is easier to use.

4. The appearance of the flap sectional door is very classical, elegant, simple and generous.

5. The parts inside the sectional door are very convenient to disassemble, which is convenient for the maintenance work of the staff.

6. There is a built-in torsion spring in the flap sectional door, and the torsion force is equivalent to the weight of the door, so that the door body is in a “zero weight” state, and it runs on pulleys in the track, so the resistance is small, the energy consumption is low, the maintenance rate is low, and it is durable.

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Types and characteristics of garage doors